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Flawless execution by CJAZ helps Adrenaline Studios maintain their TPN status

See what CJAZ Content Protection clients say…

CJAZ quickly assessed any improvements and executed them flawlessly. There was no interuption to the day to day runnings of the business and as a result our IT systems are now running much more efficiently." "When it comes to content security, we can assure our clients total peace of mind and are proud to say we have no chinks in our armour."

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Emanuele Latina


Director Dubbing Operations,


Recognising the importance of Digital Security and Content Protection for their clients, Adrenaline had already completed their initial TPN Assessment.

The steep learning curve of digital security made them aware just how many IT benchmarks needed to be met and the IT Consultancy expertise and time required. With their IT Support based in Denmark it became clear this needed to be addressed when their reassessment was due.

As soon as CJAZ came on board this issue was instantly resolved. The benefits of having an IT Partner who could quickly troubleshoot any issues with a quick onsite visit proved invaluable.

The main areas were additional storage, centralising directories and ensuring reliable backups across all Cloud data.

The majority of work, such as installing the server was done out of hours, ensuring there was no disruption to Adrenaline's busy work schedule. This freed up the sound engineers who could then focus on what they do best - produce award winning audio for their clients.



After an onsite assessment of the current IT infrastructure, CJAZ proposed the work that was required to ensure complete cyber security peace of mind and to satisfy all TPN Digital Security benchmarks.

CJAZ carried out a much-needed increase of their storage and the addition of Active Directory meant all of  ADRENALINE'S directories and security information is now centralised, making it far easier to manage.



Adrenaline have now met their TPN Assessment for the second consecutive year. This not only means their client content is safe and secure, it also means they can offer quicker, more efficient turnaround.

With CJAZ technical knowledge and expertise to hand, Adrenaline Studios know they can focus all their energy on what they do best - producing AD that surpasses their client's expectations.

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