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Why postproduction companies are switching to CJAZ CP

At the moment you might have a good IT Support company that you are using. You may have used them for some time and they may have implemented some new systems and set up your network in a way that kind of works for your company. That’s all OK.

We’re not just an IT support company.

We’re offering a tailored solution to take your post production company from where it is today, to working with bigger better clients, within the next 12 months.

When you choose CJAZ CP, we understand your industry better. We understand the needs of your customers. We have already implemented successful IT networks and systems that present new revenue streams for our postproduction clients. So if you want your business to grow, to improve and to be better than your competitors, CJAZ CP is here to help.

The TPN Assessors love the work that we’ve done. We’ve already received glowing feedback on the expertise of our technical consultants and the work we’ve carried out.

We can give you:

  • An industry certified network

  • An unshakeable IT infrastructure

  • A better, easier way to collaborate with content makers

  • A way to differentiate your business from your competitors

  • A network that’s specifically designed for post-production work

  • Entry to a database of the biggest clients in your industry

What our clients say:

"We absolutely love working with the CJAZ team. Their service is responsive, hands-on and they offer so much experience and knowledge, it's hard to believe they do not work in the film and audio industry!

They are definitely the closest thing we could get to an in-house IT team. I can't praise Nick and his team highly enough and I would recommend his services without hesitation."

Seb Juviler,

Founder and Head of Studios

SNK Studios

Sound interesting?

If you would like to learn how to implement a growth strategy for your postproduction business, we are offering free 20 minute introduction calls.

During the call we will explain exactly what TPN is, what the process involves and what you will get in return. You can ask our technical consultant any questions you may have about us and the TPN Assessment.

Please call 020 3950 0360 or email for more information.

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