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June 2022

March 2022

Launched CJAZ Content Protection
CJAZ Consulting creates a new division and brand - CJAZ Content Protection - focusing purely on the post-production industry. 

Commence African Audio Pre-TPN preparation

Adrenaline Studios acquire, South African company, Africa Audio Post and appoint CJAZ as their IT Partner to liaise with local South African vendors to reach TPN standards.




Partner Voice Archive and Adrenaline studios

Approached by VoiceArchive/Adrenaline Studios to manage their IT and provide the consultancy to maintain their TPN status

Help SNK Studios pass the TPN Assessment

We put the infrastructure and security in place for SNK to meet the TPN standards and were highly complimented by the auditor, Convergent Risks.

First steps into Post Production industry

First steps taken into Post Production marketplace from a recommendation by co-founder at SNK Studios/Red Apple Creative to provide Disaster Recovery and backup strategy.

We help post-production houses meet the TPN digital security standards. Learn what's involved and how we can help 

How our TPN knowledge has grown

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