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Our Vision

Help UK post-production companies work with all the biggest names in the TV and film industry. Make project collaboration quicker, easier and more secure. 

Our Mission

Help UK post-production companies meet the standards set by the Motion Picture Association, assessed by the Trusted Partner Network and made happen by us.

Our Values

  1. Building Partner relationships

  2. Zero Trust security

  3. Innovation and agility

  4. Tailored solutions

  5. Trusted advice and support 

Our Story

The Trusted Partner Network was first introduced to us in 2018, when our post-production client asked for our help to improve their digital security.  Over the next 12 months we learned all of the detailed measures that the TPN like to have in place and just how important digital security is to the film and television industry. 


The next 12 months gave us a brilliant insight into the world of content production. We learned a great deal about the processes, storage and data transfer methods used in the Film and Television industry.

After completing all of the IT remediation tasks and putting in place the relevant digital security, the TPN assessors were so impressed with our knowledge they thought we actually worked in the film industry. An important lesson for us that while our clients are the experts when it comes to creating and editing content - when it comes to Digital security - they really needed our help. 

CJAZ TPN was founded to resolve the problem of protecting valuable audio and visual content in the Film and TV industry. 


See our timeline to learn the sequence of events that brought us to where we are today...

Things we take care of, so you don't have to...

  • Advanced Cyber Security

  • Content Backup

  • Remote Browser Isolation

  • Tailored Firewall Rules

  • Access Control Lists

  • MFA - Multi Factor Authentication

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Private Cloud 

Peace of mind that we take care of all your content protection and digital security measures

What our clients say

"We absolutely love working with the CJAZ team. Their service is responsive, hands-on and they offer so much experience and knowledge, it's hard to believe they do not work in the film and audio industry! They are definitely the closest thing we could get to an in-house IT team.

The CJAZ Team's flexibility, knowledge and experience wowed the TPN assessors and reflected brilliantly on our company. Basically making them happy, made us very happy indeed!

I can't praise Nick and his team highly enough and I would recommend his services without hesitation."


Seb Juviler

Forever Audio

We help post-production houses meet the TPN digital security standards. Learn what's involved and how we can help 
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